Villa Giuliana -Lombok

Serenity and Class Combined with Our Beautiful Lombok Island Accommodation
Have you ever wanted an Indonesian island getaway, detached from the hustle and mayhem of Bali? Well take the leap across the Strait to the pristine isle of Lombok and book a stay at our dazzling holiday accommodation at Giuliana.
The island of Lombok is a tranquil escape from its crazy and overwhelming neighbour, with white sandy beaches sparsely dotted with relaxed locals and vacationers, a rugged jungle interior perfect for hiking, unbeatable surf, and the volcano Guning Rinjani rising high through the centre of the island.
When you spend some time on the island of Lombok, you get the feeling that you are distant from the world around you, its peaceful and isolated beauty mesmerising those who venture to its pristine shores.
Book in at our island accommodation at Giuliana, and see why people who want a real holiday choose this incredible island over its noisy neighbour.
Beautiful Villa Accommodation at Giuliana
We too have fallen for the unique charm of this peaceful and beautiful island. Therefore, we want to share with people who will also be captivated by its wonder. We provide incredible Lombok holiday accommodation with our upmarket villa Giuliana.
Situated a mere five-minute drive from the island’s centre, Sengiggi, this stunning villa, able to sleep up to six people, boasts spectacular views of the Lombok sunset and surrounding island terrain.
Contains a fully-equipped kitchen, luxurious lounge area, and private pool, perfect for entertaining, this Lombok accommodation is a gem for vacationers who want nothing more than to escape the madness of everyday living.
There are great rates available for Villa Giuliana, and booking in the low season is perfect for people traveling on a tighter budget. The villa boasts the spectacular design and craftsmanship of the world’s top hotels but comes with the added privacy necessary for a peaceful and relaxing getaway.
Get in touch with Nusa Lembongan Island Villas on our contact page to find out more about this stunning holiday accommodation and its rates.
We can’t wait to see you at the villa, and we hope your stay is as peaceful and tranquil as it deserves to be.